Milan DSD LLC has been in business for almost 90 years and has been a family run company for over 40 years. We have been a leader in the dietary supplement industry exporting products like ERO SEXIN® Forte to Europe, Russia and East Africa for over 70 years and we've now finally been introduced in the U.S.! Our primary goal is to provide you with dietary supplements that safely enhance your lifestyle, whatever it may be.

Company History

  • 1919 » EMEF LABOR was established by Martin Fleischer in Poland
    (Initials M & F spelled out loud sounds like "em" and "ef" = EMEF).

    Among the first products rank the medical applications EMEF-Oil and EMEF-Essenz. Furthermore ERO SEXIN and its sister-products EROTISIN and EROTIN.
  • 1936 » Physicians from all over the world reported on their success about enhancing the Libido using ERO SEXIN Forte and its sister-products.
  • 1945 » Due to the invasion of Poland by the red army, EMEF LABOR and his successors and followers are forced to leave. They relocate in Braunschweig, Germany, establishing the company CHEM LABOR Hein & Co.
  • 1955 » In a statement by Dr. Scheunemann, ERO SEXIN Forte was successful in the treatment of brain-injured World War II veterans.
  • 1966 » Momme Micheelsen and Gerhard Eilandt established business in Bad Harzburg, Germany, MICHEELSEN & EILANDT.
  • 1970 » MICHEELSEN & EILANDT relocated business location from Bad Harzburg to Goslar, Germany.

    Further products like e.g. HARZER HIEN-FONG, HARZER MELISSENGEIST, INTELLIGEN, JUROSPIN OIL, JUROSIN ESSENZ, etc., supplement the product range of EMEF LABOR/CHEM LABOR Hein & Co.
  • 1971 » The company's name CHEM. LABOR Hein & Co is being changed to EMEF LABOR Fleischer & Co. Heinz Steher is the owner of this company.

    Momme Micheelsen leaves the company MICHEELSEN & EILANDT. The name remains in existence.
  • 1972 » Under leadership of Gerhard Eilandt, MICHEELSEN & EILANDT specializes in natural drugs (Phytopharmaka), in the segment of Libido Enhancement.
  • 1974 » A Cooperative contract was established between MICHEELSEN & EILANDT and EMEF LABOR Fleischer & Co. Owner Heinz Steher signs the contract.
  • 1976 » Beginning of the German Validity Certification Procedures for MICHEELSEN & EILANDT, which will continued until the year of 2004.
  • 1981 » Solid Advertisement for ERO SEXIN and ERO SEXIN Forte began.

    Gerhard Eilandt established MILAN ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH, which took over the operational business of MICHEELSEN & EILANDT. His wife Helga became the Manager of the company.
  • 1987 » Due to the fall of the Iron Curtain and the opening to Eastern Europe, MILAN introduced a work force for triple shifts.
  • 1988 » After successful completion of the "School of Business & Economy", Arne Eilandt was employed in his family's enterprise.

    MILAN ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH takes over all EMEF LABOR products after the death of Heinz Steher.
  • 1993 » Addition of new production areas in Bad Harzburg-Harlingerode, Germany.
  • 1995 » The international business of MILAN ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH was broadened by Arne and his sister. The name MILAN becomes known world-wide to the term of a manufacturer of natural Libido Enhancers and established customers in Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Australia, South America, Russia, etc.
  • 1997 » MILAN ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH prospected the American Market, lead by Andreas Gerneck and Arne Eilandt.
  • 2005 » Gerhard Eilandt passes away. His wife and his two children lead the business.
  • 2007 » Appointed by the business partners, Arne Eilandt becomes Managing Director.

    Helga Eilandt passes away.
  • 2008 » MILAN DSD LLC is established in the USA, becoming the exclusive distributing agency of all products from MILAN ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH for the Northern and Southern American Continent, lead by Claire Gerneck.
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EROSexin Forte 102

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