ERO SEXIN® Forte has been made in Germany since the 1930's and is a male and female libido enhancement dietary supplement.

ERO SEXIN® is the most natural and efficient in sexual performance supplements for both men and women and for the first time, the German Laboratories Milan Pharmaceuticals is finally bringing its world famous product to the American Market.

This Aphrodisiac is to help overcome difficulties to maintain an erection and to increase libido. It has a stimulating effect on the erection center in the Lumber region and helps expand the blood vessels in the outer genitalia. ERO SEXIN® improves erection and intensifies sexual desire. Suitable for Men AND Women who are suffering from inferiority complexes.

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ERO SEXIN® Forte is a so called aphrodisiac to correct potency disturbances and increase libido. ERO SEXIN® Forte activates the erection center in the loin nerve centers and has a peripherally expanding effect on the blood vessels of the external genitalia. To improve erections and increase sexual drive.

ERO SEXIN® Forte 102 is also suitable for sexual inferiority complexes and restores the ability to have sexual intercourse. Hypotension may occur with higher doses.

ERO SEXIN® Forte is a purely plant based aphrodisiac which is produced from extracts of the three best known sexually activating drugs: Damianae, Muira puama and Yohimbehae. This plant substance combination causes excitation of the urogenital tract and therefore increases circulation in this region.

It also contains soy lecithin, whose therapeutic effect on the nerves and brain metabolism due to its phosphorus content is undisputed.

The effect and application of the Yohimbin which is contained in ERO SEXIN® Forte must be particularly emphasised. They are based on the α-sympathicolytic properties.

Aside from the resultant expansion of the vessels in the pelvis minor, intestines, kidneys, skin and coronary arteries, the effect is also based on excitation of the reflex and erection center of the spinal cord which lies in the lumbar and sacral segments.

Therapeutic application correspondingly includes potency disturbances, menstrual complaints and hypertension.

It is also worth mentioning the confirmation by numerous physicians and clinics which have used ERO SEXIN® Forte with success.

Experience & Confidence:
102/ERO SEXIN Forte has been produced and sold in Germany and Europe since the beginning of the last century under the brand names of ERO SEXIN, EROTISIN and EROTIN. Generations of patients in Europe put their trust in these products and were not disappointed.

The secret of this success is based on the ingredients, and on the chemical formulas of 102/ERO SEXIN Forte respectively. On this basis all herbal and chemical products are built upon. Herewith we could say that 102/ERO SEXIN may be the oldest known ancestor of all well studied remedies providing sexual potency.

The Ingredients:
All ingredients are very active by themselves, but only the proper mixture, like in 102/ERO SEXIN, provides a highly potent and effective natural remedy which is very efficient, treating the whole organism gently at the same time.

To talk about the effectiveness it would need lengthy discourses. For that reason only a few examples:

Damiana was already used by the Aztec's for an aphrodisiac, with reliable effect. It strengthens, stimulates and in cases provides euphoria during a period of 60 - 90 minutes. The strength delivered varies amongst individuals. It is recommended to take care of regular intake. At potency problems, due to excessive sexual activity, improvements have been reported.

Muira-puama, colloquially called "stick of potency", is described as to increase sensitivity of the sexual organs. This is the reason why it is preferably used in Germany, Europe and elsewhere as an aphrodisiac which stimulates libido and potency. Studies have proved this. One group reported that 51% of participants with difficulties in achieving an erection showed distinct improvement after 2 weeks only. 62% of those complaining about weak sexual drive reported of a perceivable dynamic effect. In a second group, complaining of loss of libido and sexual problems, 66% of the participants reported of a distinct increase in times of repeated sexual intercourse. A third group, complaining of listlessness in sexual activities, 70% stated that their libido increased noticeably. 55% noted now to be able to maintain erection constantly during intercourse.

Yohimbin is a well known remedy for treatment of potency problems and still keeps it place well in simular therapies, in spite of chemical competition. Furthermore, whole libraries contain treatises on Yohimbin. Dissertations have been written concerning this subject, and it is the ancestor of all chemical Libido Enhancement products. Its chemical formula promoted the success of those blue rhombus-shaped pills and their derivatives. Long-time experience, however, demonstrated Yohimbin to be easily digestible. Contrary to chemical products Yohimbin may be used for up to six weeks.

The Difference in Comparison to Other Products:
Todays market offers many products where you may ask yourself, applying a scientific view, what are the contents meant to achieve? Consequently, what is the difference to alternative products, which makes 102/ERO SEXIN such a successful choice:

  • Extracts used in 102/ERO SEXIN Forte are up to 10 times stronger than in other products on the market
  • Raw materials are processed by the highest standards. The product is subject to permanent control before, during and after production
  • The choice of ingredients is founded on phytopharmacological knowledge and has a long tradition
  • 102/ERO SEXIN is easily digestible
  • C21 H26 N2 O3, formula of success, which all modern products build upon.

Without doubt it may be stated that no product is looking back on such a history of success for many decades, nor does it contain such a well balanced, special composition of ingredients than 102/ERO SEXIN Forte.

Directions for Use:

  • For Adult Men and Women.
  • For regular use: take two (2) tablets twice a day for 30 to 60 days.
  • For immediate results: take up to three (3) tablets one (1) hour prior to intimacy.
  • Do NOT take more than nine (9) tablets a day.
  • Do not take ERO SEXINฎ on an empty stomach.
  • For best results you must be aroused before taking ERO SEXIN®.
  • Store at room temperature.


  • If you are presently under treatment for any medical condition, or are taking prescription medication, consult your physician before taking this or any dietary supplement.
  • If you have hypotension, low blood pressure or any problems with your blood pressure consult your physician before taking this dietary supplement.
  • Do not use if product appears to be tampered with or seal is broken.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Dietary and supplemental facts

Dr. Scheunemann, Bethanien Hospital, Berlin 1955:

I am particularly interested in a group of persons who frequently suffer from disturbances in their sexual sphere.

They are brain injured persons who frequently – it would be true to say that they are all affected sooner or later – complain of reduced potency and libido in the practice and in state treatment.

Particularly persons with injuries to the forehead suffer earliest and most severely. However persons with temporal and occipital injuries also state reduced abilities in these areas, although less often.

Nearly all of them have received hormonal treatment since the appearance of the symptoms and changes were not obtained in even a single case.

The fact of the reduction or absence of libido and potency is highly depressing for these persons, particularly since persons with war injuries to the brain are nearly always younger persons.

Under treatment with ERO SEXIN® Forte with an initial dose of 4 – 6 coated tablets or the corresponding dose of the fluid, the patients nearly all reported a more or less strong increase in libido. They were no longer able to complain about potency disturbances in most cases.

These symptoms also lasted after the dosage was constantly reduced.

However, after the product was stopped, the libido had again ceased after 5 – 8 weeks. It was possible to restore it again with low but continuously administered doses.

It is difficult to assess whether and to what degree a lasting effect can be produced, however I believe that this is less important in view of the fact that the brain injured persons who already have low drive and are mentally affected gain new hope simply from the occurrence of their libido and potency.

(In general, it seemed to me that the fluid extract worked more rapidly and energetically, even though the effect also subsided more rapidly.)

Dr. J. A. Herny Bodewein, Saint John N.B., Canada 1954:

We clinically tested ERO SEXIN® Forte on various patients in smaller doses and there can be no doubt:

No unfavourable reactions were found here. Successes are definitively found.

In one case where the prostate was present and no stirrings and desires had been present for years, good successes were obtained according to the statements of the respective patient. In recent years, we tested various products with an apparently equal value both inland and in foreign countries.

However the product which is manufactured by your company is the best and absolutely most natural product for the purpose for which it is utilised.

Dr. med. Otto Marx, Munich 1966:

As I already mentioned, I regularly prescribe your product ERO SEXIN® Forte in my cases of impotentia coeundi to follow a hormone treatment as an aid to the patient. The successes are usually very good.

Dr. med. J. Mathissen, Bad Aachen 1954:

I used the aphrodisiac ERO SEXIN® Forte which was sent to me some time ago with good success. Refractary cases which did not respond even to hormone therapy responded well to ERO SEXIN® Forte.

Dr. med. H. Spencker, Quedlinburg 1955:

In one case I used it in a 68 year old man in combination with injections of a testosterone derivative. The desired effect fully occurred with a clear increase in libido and the ability to cohabitate.

Dr. med. R. Cernea, 1953:

Ideas for the Treatment of Male Impotence

Nearly every office day brings us patients who suffer from impotence. It is nearly always found in the history that these patients were nearly overfed with various hormone products without obtaining a decisive success. There were repeated statements about the causes of failure of hormone therapies. Usually, a large amount of male hormone, that is, in the majority of cases testosterone derivatives, were injected. This usually brought about the opposite effect of what was desired. It does not excite the genital glands, but inhibits them insofar as the pituitary – the director of all internal secretion – is inhibited instead of being activated.

The main problem of hormone therapy is correct dosage, which is, unfortunately, generally not provided. We repeatedly gain the impression that the hormone quantities which are applied are relatively too large. An excess of hormones is damaging. Initially the hormone organ which forms the counter-player is also influenced, and hormone organs atrophy. In this manner, merely weakened hormone formation can develop into complete failure. For we must not overlook that any hormone inflow is performed under non-physiological conditions, particularly if we administer synthetic hormones. A main advancement in the recognition of the function of the hormone organs is the determination that none of them functions independently of the others.

The disturbance in an internal secreting gland can be immediately balanced by a corresponding reaction to others – at least to a certain degree – and the hormonal balance is thereby maintained.

If the hormonal regulation mechanism is now disturbed in any of its parts or the primary influence is so great that the regulation apparatus is insufficient for the required repair, a disorder develops. Consequently there are no disturbances in which only one hormone organ fails.

Rather the hormonal influences always involve a very finely tuned interaction of several hormone systems. This is always accompanied by a corresponding participation of the autonomous nervous system, guided by the diencephalons and the subsequent manifold tracts and centres.

Evidently this is where the secretion of the required hormones to an extent which is adapted to requirements is initiated. It is subject to hormonal influences in its own turn. We know that the pituitary has direct and indirect connections to all other hormonal organs. However we must not fail to see that this central hormone organ is also controlled itself, namely by the hormone-supplying organs which are under its direction. This prevents excess hormone formation. If hormone production is now triggered through nerve stimulation, the hormones act on the nervous system in their turn.

The pituitary and sexual hormones can be used as an example. The pituitary hormones of the frontal and rear lobes excite the nervous centres of the diencephalons, from where the impulses for their formation originate.

It thereby appears that the attack of hormones in general takes place on nerve elements; in other words: the nervous system is the receptor for hormones.

The hormones are therefore increased multipliers / they secure the nerve stimuli by the principle of double security.

If sexual hormone therapy had not always been accompanied by the expectation of a direct influence on sexual potency, but only on the vegetative system, we are convinced that the results would not have been found as disappointing.

And generally speaking: The effects of hormone therapy on sexual function do not occur promptly. Due to the fact that they take place via the vegetative nervous system, this, instead, takes time, which is usually not understood by the patient and soon shakes patient confidence in the physician when the effect does not occur as promptly as the patient expected.

There is no case in which we would advise against hormone therapy in the treatment of sexual insufficiency. On the contrary, we are believers in hormone therapy, however this is in the sense of the moderation which is defined by us.

In order to avoid losing patient trust for this and allowing the patient to remain his self-confidence, as well as restoring the ability to engage in sexual intercourse immediately after the first hormone injections, we are forced to fall back on aphrodisiacs.

The known aphrodisiacs have the ability to produce an increase in excitability and enlivened sexual drive behaviour immediately, after 20 to 40 minutes. The most important aphrodisiacs which are available to us are Yohimbin, Muira-puama and Damiana.

Luckily, in continuation of the work of E. Glaser and A. Konya, these three plant based aphrodisiacs were combined in the ready-made product ERO SEXIN Forte.

After 2 to 3 coated tablets, the effect develops after approximately 60 minutes in the form of a strong erection, as well as increased drive and desire. The effect lasts for several hours.

Contrary to hormone products, this product is not a curative drug, but an aphrodisiac with an immediate effect.

This product is particularly indicated in persons who suffer from minority complexes and who, by obtaining an immediate erection after taking the product, can thereby regain their self-confidence.

Through the combination of ERO SEXIN Forte with the administration of hormones, the successes with this aphrodisiac can convince patients to take correspondingly extensive hormone applications as well.

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